Time Well Spent! 5 tips to Make the Most out of Your 24/7 !

Early in my career as a sales person, I learned a mantra that has stayed with me for over 40 years.
"I must do the most productive thing at every given moment"!
At first glance you might think the message is “work hard all the time”. Actually the exact opposite is true. Sometimes the most productive thing you can do at a particular moment is take a nap, or just put your feet up and pour yourself a glass of wine. In this context, productive means doing that activity that will give you the greatest return on that time invested.

Using this mantra gives you the opportunity to reflect on what you are doing and determine if it make sense to do at that moment. If you have just spent 15 minutes staring at your closet trying to decide what to wear running errands, was it really productive spending that much time on a decision that should have been made in about 45 seconds? It would be productive however, to spend 15 minutes if this was selecting an outfit for a job interview or a very special occasion.

 Getting the most of out your day is not only about doing what is productive at a particular time, but also being efficient with your time.

Here are a few tips to help you to use your time wisely and efficiently


  1. Invest in a ruled Composition Book- at the beginning of school season your local office supply store will have them on sale. Great time to stock up.


  1. At the end of each day, jot down your list of things to do for the following day. If it is a “must do” item, be sure to mark it with an asterisk. If you find that you have carried an item over for 3 or more days, just take it off your list. Odds are you are never going to do it! Keep this book on your desk as it is also a great place to take notes from phone calls or keeping track of ideas.

          3.Respond to email right away. If you open your inbox and you scroll through your        messages, right then, delete or respond. Don’t scan over them, telling yourself you will get back to reviewing them.

     4. Unsubscribe from emails that are not important to you.

     5. Handle a piece of paper only once” This is the same theory as responding to email      right away. Trash it, file it or respond to it!

 Everyone has an endless list of things to do. Be sure to have those projects categorized not only by priority but also time to complete. If you find yourself with those extra 15 minutes take one of those 15-minute projects and get it done. I have my stack of magazines that I keep just for those times that I know I am going to be kept waiting. My doctor’s office is a perfect example. This is the time that my second tier magazines get read.

 When we take the time to evaluate how productive we are with our time and activities, we will in the end be more effective and fulfilled.

“Doing the most productive thing at every given moment” will soon fade away as a conscience mantra and just become how you perform and prioritize your daily activities.

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