Our Story

Softly Off was created by Pat Rollie, a transdermal patch user who was successfully managing her career and not so successfully dealing with the symptoms of menopause. It was her decision to seek medical help for her hot flashes that inspired an innovation and a new entrepreneurial venture.

The Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) patches Pat’s doctor prescribed gave her the relief she needed AND a new problem – sticky, ugly adhesive rings. Tired of the effort and the discomfort involved in removing the glue her HRT patches left behind, she set out to find a product that would make adhesive removal easier. After a lot of research and experimentation she developed a gentle, effective solution – Softly Off.

Softly Off is gentle, environmentally friendly, and effective! Softly Off is available in a cream, produced with the highest level of quality assurance and care. Our ingredients are carefully selected to ensure high quality and a low (zero) carbon footprint.

Today, Softly Off is run by Pat and Tamara Thorpe, an unstoppable international mother-daughter tag team. Together, they are helping patch wearers know that there is beauty and comfort beyond the pain. Pat and many others have successfully used each Softly Off formula to give their skin a fresh, clean feeling after she changes her patch. It’s your turn.

Are you ready for fresh, clean feeling skin?



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